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June 08, 2011



It makes me sad to know that this is an issue. I just finished watching the clip and I am speechless. And I am just sad.

Takara in Tokyo

Indeed! It's the scene with the little girl pointing to the photos that is most heart-breaking though!


I too just shake my head at the clip, it is a very sad issue. Just the other day my daughter and I was out at a water park and a lady said "wow look at that beautiful bi-racial girl", the other lady with her said "she is not bi-racial she is way too black to be that!" The whole time I am thinking does that matter she is still a very beautiful little girl. I too intend on making sure my daughter is very confident in herself and who she is inside and out!


I wouldn't be so sure that the people who say such things don't know any better. People love to try and argue with my wife about whose child she is with. My favorite is the time when a group of Hispanic nannies at the park asked her whose child she was taking care of. When my wife said that the child was hers, they were not convinced and all agreed that the baby was Mexican. When my wife came home and told me the story, I told her she should have said to them "how many Mexicans do you know who have a Japanese nanny?


Hi Brian,

Thanks for sharing this! I've heard a lot of stories like that.

I still feel though, the people saying stupid comments lack exposure and are normally on the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum. They don't know any better and don't question things to reach their own conclusions.



This is classic case of being uneducated and not being exposed to other people. The best thing we can do with our girls is to teach them how to treat others who say stupid things.

The Letter "B"

My heart goes out to the women sharing their experiences in the film. We definitely need to cease with tearing each other down. It's time to move forward.


I am white, really white, my husband is African American/Japanese. The stupidest comment I ever got was from a Japanese Obasan who told me I had left my baby out in the sun too long!


thanks for this sharing..black or white the most important is their behavior..

Tara Kamiya

This is so nuts!!!I got the comments myself, but thank goodness I did not develop a low self esteem. Luckily I did not hate myself or really understand the comments. What is bad is that people are carrying this crap into the next generation.

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People love to try and argue with my wife about whose child she is with.


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It is really surprising that even now in 21st century people are making such a stupid comments. However I think that we should stop paying attention to this.


I just stumbled across your blog and this entry definitely caught my eye. I watched the video and am just filled with sadness that as a race we are still dealing with this issue when we really need to unite and move on to things that really need our attention. My heart is saddened for these women who were criticized even one by her own Mother! So sad....

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