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December 30, 2010



Love it! Miss Kira Grace is gonna be rotten..She is so adorable!

Tokyo Mama!

yes indeed Patrice! Thank you :)


you should put this picture in your house. can i be the one to say i wonder what shade she will become? funny how babies change shades again and again. i'm so happy for you. are you getting used to the things that they say are normal but seem so odd? i had an outfit for you but it was newborn. lol so i missed the window to send it. did you get that bouncer by baby bjorn? i'm starting to think those things are worth it.

Tokyo Mama!

:) her little fingertips and ears are a little darker than her current shade. her melanin is slowly coming in! agreed on the photo.

we didn't get the baby bjorn bouncer yet, but someone gave us a nice little bouncer, but I think she is too young for it. I mostly use it to sit her in outside of the shower door when I am showering.


is that your family??? oh how beautiful!! the picture is amazing!! AH-mazing!!


Just out of interest, is your husband white or japanese?
Do you live in japan permanently?


does Kira's name mean "sparkling" in japanese? since i know her mommy's name is "treasure" in japanese...was just wondering if there was a connection :)

btw,love the pic of G and baby K~!


Just found your blog and wanted to say Congrats on the new baby!!

Joy and Blessings to you and your family!


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Congrats! to be the parents is the blessing of god.

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