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November 10, 2010



You are so energetic and looking great! The end is in sight, and you (and G) will do great during labor. Good luck with the next few weeks.

Tokyo Mama!

Hey Heather!

Thanks so much for your sweet support (sigh), it has certainly been a trying week as a little pregnant lady!

finally Mom

oh man it won't be long now!!! eeek! these last weeks are tough and tiring but it really won't be long now! :D

Women's Health

Wow!!!U have such a sweetheart life partner,hope u enjoyed with this pleasant flower ..I love that holiday store displays in Tokyo!!!!I wish u a great and happy life with ur baby. Take care of ur health ...

Babbling Little Booties

Lovely flowers!
By the way, how do you call those tiny ones, dancing lady flower? cos that's how we call it here in the Phils.

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