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October 15, 2010



aww. lovie.. this sounds so familiar. Ok here are my quick comments...

energy probably wont return before lil bun arrives... if it does..it'll be around 2-3 days. Take that time to get a rice cooker and whip up a few meals or at least starches to freeze. That way G will be able to add some flavorings,nuts, tofu quickly to feed you once mover and shaker requires ALL of you attention.

Next- skip the dishes- I cut out all unessential housekeeping around 33 wks. I nested early- around 28-32 wks so most big stuff was done.
Dont worry about missing classes..mover and shaker will give you a heads up to when she's ready. IMO, the only one you really need before she comes is childbirth and Breastfeeding....all else can be done afterwards :)

The world is in your hands LOVE!

BTW- stateside plans still?

Margot Andrews

Just do what you have the energy to do- I'm sure Gerald will step up to do what you can't do. GET YOUR REST NOW!!! A big pot of soup is something great to freeze, Sphagetti
& meat sauce if you are like me and make it from scratch can be frozen, Spinach rice will last if you freeze it. It doesn't matter if you miss the class because once she gets here you'll figure it out anyhow. Marley came before we could graduate from our childbirth class-and quite frankly all you really need is a supportive partner and hospital staff and nature does the rest.

Tokyo Mama!

Thanks Inas, thanks Margot!!!

You two seasoned moms really help ease my nervousness about the mommy thing. Sounds like rice dishes, soups are a good call to freeze. Also sounds like the classes aren't that necessary :). That's good, i waited till the last minute anyway.

Breastfeeding-- my hospital has a lactation specialist who will be helping me while I'm in the hospital (I think, need to confirm this). It's customary to stay in the hospital here for about 7 days and they teach you all of essentials on breast-feeding and taking care of the baby.

But yeah, I'm just cuddled up on the couch drinking water these days :)...

Stateside plans haven't been confirmed yet, but we are planning to make it to your wedding Inas!!


Wooohooo! Superexcited! It woudl be great to have ya'll at the wedding. Yay!

I shoulda given birth in Tokyo...7 days! wow! :) All will be well- Nature's been taking care of this little thing for a Looooooooong time now.

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