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October 18, 2010



i love that G ties your shoes...hehe it's best to be extra careful :) hope all 3 of you are doing well~!


Yea I don't know how you were riding your bike this long. I've been clumsy for 90% of this. I would of had several accidents. I'm feeling it too having a hard time getting in and out of the car. Rolling over is harder. hahaha I pre-washed clothes as soon as I got out of the hospital. I started freaking thinking the baby can come anytime let me stop putting stuff off. I'm 34 weeks now. You guys are so cute.

Tokyo Mama!

Hey V! :) yeah, it's pretty cute that he ties my shoes.

KJ, hospital? When were you in the hospital? Everything okay? Baby boy will be here in no time!!!! You nervous?


yea i have a short cervix and was having contractions but i didn't know. they were worried i would go into labor soon. i'm good now. i am getting nervous now i'm going overboard thinking about everything. does your mover and shaker have you anxious?

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