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September 08, 2010


Babes about Town

Congrats on your impending arrival, it's such an amazing journey and I love reading pregnancy stories. So clever how you and your partner have taken time to write down a pre-baby agreement. It's really a brilliant idea.

Thanks so much for visiting me on my SITS day, pleased to meet another sister blogger...and in Tokyo. How cool! I'll definitely be back.

Working it Mom

Ahh.. girl I can tell you it gets better as time goes on. I am 37 weeks, and like you I am SHORT! Yes, my organs are squished and the rib kicks get a little harder (not to mention I walk even more like a pregnant lady now). But it seems to be worth it!
Before you know it you will be at the end!! :)

Mama Hen

Thank you for joining Mama's Little Nestwork! You have a great blog! If you have a button make sure to add it to the In the Nestwork page. Welcome to the Nestwork! Have a great day!

Mama Hen


Hi there. Linking from blog stats so no idea how you got to my blog or even if in fact you read it. Regardless - congratulations on 27 weeks. You are were looking fabulous at 26 weeks. Isn't it great being so pregnant. The first one is so bizarre, so enjoyable.

I love you point number 6. I wish I had done this. My hub (and his mother) and I have differing views on so many things that never even crossed my mind when we got married. We had discussed the major things but not things like where we though 'us' should be at when the baby arrived. You are very wise and sounds like you have a very nice man with you there.

All the best for the next few months. Enjoy your little mover and shaker.

Katy in Oita
aka gaijinwife

Cheap Jordans

In many cases, my most important resolutions come paired with the opposite resolutions, and yet both are important to my happiness.

agent taobao

beautiful shot. was it taken with your new camera?


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