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August 27, 2010



Great post!!! As a black female in Japan, i have been here for 7 years too, but i have finally decided to leave and go to...(no not my home country) but Europe. I did similar experience to yours. The first 3 experiences were the same, but i have been reluctant to move to the 4th. No i am not getting younger, but "point of no return" is too scary, I still love having the foreign experience, but I feel like its time to move on. I might come here once in a while on holiday, that's about it.


what company do you work for?
what is your job in japan?


I was starting to approach stage 4 when I moved back to Los Angeles. I'm a Black male by the way. Now that I'm back in LA I know that if and when I go back to Tokyo, I will be at stage 4 for sure. I lived in Tokyo for 5 years. I'm seriously thinking about going back to Tokyo.

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