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November 14, 2008


alejandria soto

Hey, i've read a lot of your blog post. today i actually came across it in google looking up some info. I will actually be attending school in japan in a year or so. at temple in tokyo, so i juss wanted to make friends. what is it that u do in tokyo? and how long are you going to be staying?


I'd love to say that I just discovered the Tokyo Ing community that you started but Henry Seals told me about it ages ago and today was the first time I actually perused the sight! It's really well done and upon further research I found out that it was you that put the whole thing together and as someone who organizes major events I know that it is often a thankless job but everyone truly appreciates it. So thanks for organizing it. I'm mad busy in Tokyo like everyone else but I hope to make it to a few of the First Friday events in the future and whatever else the colored folks of Japan get up to! If I haven't already met you, I hope to soon!
Peace and Hair Grease!


Good job on putting this site together...I'm a short six month assignment at a major company here in Tokyo and my blogsite is at:


Good luck!

Jessica B

Hey. I just stumbled on this website looking for 'Black people living in Japan'. This website looks really interesting. And I'll just talk about my experience. :)

Well, I went to Japan thru the Youth For Understanding program in the summer of 2007. I stayed in Nara with a family for two months, and it was better than I would ever imagine. I experienced the lives of my host family, and high school.

High school was really awkward for me, knowing that I was the only Black woman there. I was really different being in a Japanese classroom with the schedule, classes, and staying in the same classroom all day. Also, it was hard for me to communicate to the class with my knowledge in Japanese. I didn't fully understand them and quite grasp all of what their saying. But, they still tried to help me and I helping them improve in English.
Also, everytime when I am outside of the house, Everyone would always look at me and watch my every move. It felt cool that I was noticed, but it would seem like I was a complete outsider by how they reacted towards me.

But overall, I had a good time with my host family, especially in Tokyo Disneyland :)


Hey I would love to be a guest writer and you are an inspiration for black women living in Japan!

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