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July 21, 2008



now sistwer
u just asking for troble LOL


nice post!

on the BT website w/ trackback to Sista in Tokyo!



Thanks for that!
I heard about another named Abbi, telephone number 090 4964 6447. I heard she is also quite good!


Glad you are able to get your hair done!


i too live in japan do to my father being in the military...and it can be hard to fin someone to do you air with american commingand goin all the time and being paranoid because you are unsure if someone of another ethnicity can handle african american hair because it so different....but thanks for the info...i plan on goin back in the nxt few months to a a year.

Kandice J.

Hello, I'm also a sista in Tokyo. I have been here for a whole year and I am extremely greatful you shared your hair stylist info i ruely appreciate it. My hair is...well you really don't want to know. Thanks Again :)


Hi My name is Aby and i'am from Senegal .I live in Tokyo and have plan to open a hair salon,thanks for adding my name.Yes i do black hair styles .Braiding,twist.weave,dread,and more.
Best regards


Hi Thanks for posting this information. I live close to Sendai, so I can't find anyone to do my hair. I will check her out.


hi, thanks for this webpage..its helping...just got in a few weeks ago and i must say i will email both Aby and Lady Jane to know what to do. thanks sis

Constance Owens

My daughter is 21 and will be attending school in Hiroshima this fall from August 2009 to July 2010. I am aware that Tokoyo is far from Hiroshima, but I would like to find a contact in Hiroshima to professionally care for her hair. She wears her hair permed but she is not a "do it yourself" girl. If you are able to be of assistance, I would truly appreciate your suggestions. I have not found any other information and I am getting a bit nervous for her.

Thank you!


Hello Girls my name is Aby ,here we go i have got the salon opened.And the name of the salon is H&A.
We do relaxer,braids,twist and anykind of hairstyle!!!!!!
Here is the phone number03-5410-8879.We are located
in Azabu Juban.

Best Regards


Just stumbling through... Sadly, Geocities does not exist anymore, so Miss Jane's website is defunct. Although I'm a natural girl, I do know that this is something people would love to have as a resource! Do you know if she has an updated link?

propecia and hair loss

Well greetings fellas thanks for the opportunity of post a message , also i would like to know more about My Hair Done in Tokyo is very interesting , how can i get more information about it , I want to sign up for more details.

Sophie diop

Any my name his Sophie I am coming you japon if you need help call me from California USA (619)4690012 or email [email protected]


Okay, I googled a bit and found the new website of Miss Jane. Here it is:



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