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July 18, 2008



I can't wait to read! As a sista currently studying in Tokyo, I would like to know the options I have for my hair! I have braids right now and I would love to know where I can get my hair braided if these get old too fast!


I do braids and almost if not all styles for locks and natural hair. I live in Saitama.


HEre you can a hairsalon just opened in Azabu Juban .H&A Tel:03-5410-8879.


Im actually going to Room 806 today to get a relaxer...(1st time)
they are really expensive though, and i'm a student...i cant keep blowing all my money on my hair and i'm NOT going natural. If any one knows other places or anyone that does relaxers in the Tokyo area, please let me know!! *Student Budget* >_<
my email is:
[email protected]
for some reason its not working in the box below~
thank you!


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I hope you are well. Im a senior in college. Im thinking of teaching in Japan for a year after I graduate and want to know
where to get my hair done and also have a few other questions for you.

1) I dont like relaxers but like to get it straightened. Do Japanese people know how to straighten and take care (ie moisturize/deep condition ) black hair?
2) Where are the affordable salons located?
3) whats the average price of a wash/blow/flat iron?

Thanks for taking the time out to answer these questions.

[email protected]

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