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May 14, 2007


Romulus Burnett

I took the last three courses I needed before graduating from undergrad as continuing education courses. The key is to turn all of your assignments in on time and send any kind of thoughts or concerns with your assignments as you deem necessary.

Unfortunately, I ended up having to turn two of the instructors in for unfair grading practices to the president of the university. It's funny how one moment I could barely make "C" work but after I let the president of my university review my assignments for himself I got straight "A" for all of my coursework. With that being said, if you choose to do continuing education coursework you better be in a position where you can go through the proper channels so you can rectify any problems that may surface.


Hello, I love your blog and the refreshing viewpoint you bring to your work.

I am junior in an American High School, [Michigan] and am looking at colleges in Japan. Temple and Southern Illinois [Nigata Prefecture] are my current hopes.

I lack a lot of english viewpoints on Temple, have you seen the facilities? Any pros/cons? I plan to go into International Business and/or graphics design [and Japanese].

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