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May 12, 2007



I agree. Although if people were aware that Tokyo isn't as expensive as they think it is, we'd be REALLY inundated with tourists. So maybe it's not such a bad thing?

Visitors are always amazed at how cheaply they can do Tokyo if they try. Especially given just how crap the yen is right now.


hey, its good to see you're back! damn i never knew tokyo was just under london. thats why i never go anywhere because i can barely afford to live here. but i will go tokyo now with a better outlook.


Here is the list I saw recently:

Top 10 most expensive cities
1. Moscow
2. Seoul
3. Tokyo
4. Hong Kong
5. London
6. Osaka
7. Geneva
8. Copenhagen
9. Zurich
10. Oslo, New York (tied)

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