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May 23, 2007



I also agree with the idea that the unhealthy foods are cheaper but I also agree with the idea of being active, people's problems cannot be based solely on the fact that the unhealthy foods are cheaper. These people should choose the path that is right for them but hopefully they would want to loose weight for example my cousin use to be overweight but he decided to do something about it so he began to play football and he lost the weight!!!


Nothing to say. Well said T. You touched on so many points. But i think if people were truly spiritual..(AND I DON"T MEAN RELIGIOUS)..they would eventually take notice of the things that hurt them inside and out. Peoples insecurities help keep them as they are. They seek comfort in food, sex, bad mates, material items...on and on even God or their perception of God as separate from themselves. The way out of this mess is always there within us. getting there is a whole other thread. But if those who make money would not prey on the weak and defenseless, we would actually have more education about the choices we make food wise.

Romulus Burnett

The excuse that unhealthy foods are cheaper is garbage. Of all the things a person can be cheap about (i.e. clothes, shoes, cars, jewelry, etc.) food should NOT be one of those things. Of all material goods food is the only commodity that a human being has to ingest in order to survive.

A person should WANT to buy the best they can afford when it comes to putting something inside their bodies. And by buying the best I don't mean going to these high end designer grocery stores and buying these highly commercialized organic foods and junk like that. You can go to any quality grocery store and buy healthy foods without needing to stock up on T.V. dinners and junk food.

The main problem is that people are going to have to break the habit of relying on easy to fix, microwavable, cheap processed foods. They're going to have to learn how to reprioritize and plan their daily responsibilities around themselves and their families. People are going to have to stop being lazy and go back to more traditional ways of eating and preparing food. If my mom could work all day and still have time to prepare good hot meals and raise three children that eventually grew up and all became successful, educated, professional adults, then by God, other people can do it.

Romulus Burnett


Please allow me to address your response to the comments made in your previous blog:

"Black women are built different."

It is a scientific fact that black women are "built" differently. Black women are different from white women black women are physiologically different as measured in physical activity by The Department of Nutrition Sciences, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama, USA -link below:


The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition pretty much has similar findings - link below:


Nevertheless, I'm not making excuses for black women or any other race and nationality of women or human beings in general for that matter. While it may be the case that genetics may play an important role in the difficulty losing weight a person cannot sit there and simply tell me that daily activity, regular exercise, and a healthy diet will not bring about results over time.

The human body has to have something to consume and absorb in order to become larger - bottom line. Exacerbate the problem by sitting on your ass instead of burning the calories that are consumed through some kind of activity and you have obesity. That isn't too hard to understand is it?

I've never seen a human being swell up from drinking water or eating bread. And you can bet that 99.9% of the people that are obese to morbidly obese have had more than their share of ding dongs, cupcakes and bacon and simultaneously created their share of dents with their asses in the various chairs and sofas they have in their homes.


Funny how, the topic of asses gets brought up alot here. Speaking of asses, I notice how alot of the men (of whatever ethnicity) who are whooping and hollering about "wanting big butts, real women and meat on the bone" often deride guys who aren't so much into that particular opinion of beauty, as closet homosexuals and like to point out as "proof" that it appears that every guy designer in the fashion business is a flaming, lisping, poof who are picking women who look like men in drag. Nice use of "evidence".

One thing I'm curious about; regarding all the various expats in Japan checking out this site, did anybody here lose alot of weight while in Japan? When I was there , I lost 2 belt notches and I was already fairly thin; the big factor was that I had to teach in other towns and the closest one by bike was an hour away (the furthest - two hours), so a minimum 2 hour bike ride a day for 5 days on hilly roadsides just for work... Yup the ol' cardiovascular never did better. Unfortunately I completely lost it since coming back and am back to couch potato body.

Another factor was that when I first arrived, the stove in the apartment hadn't been fixed in years. Since my salary was very low, eating out wasn't much of an option either so often supper was a pair of onigiri with minced fish or preserved cabbage filling, a partially cooked egg and a shot of tea.

Anyways interesting stuff and good to see new articles on SIT.


Well if there is one thing T's analysis, nuanced as usual, shows, it's just how complex the multi-factorial nature of obesity in black women is.

On the subject of economics and obesity, here are a few links on the issue:
It’s not just cheaper food being worse for you, but also that food is cheaper period.

I think it’s very chill that you brought in the concept of the “other.” I definitely think it’s pertinent. That said, I think it’s interesting that you have the black woman creating the “other” when it’s seen as typically being the other way around, with the white (I guess in this case woman) being the subject and the black woman being the object. The fact (?) that the black woman is the other is supposed to be the root of the problem. Being the subject, the black woman would always see herself in contrast with what the white woman is, and in rejecting it, opt for a physique that is not viewed as beautiful from a current, white perspective. I don’t mean to make this seem like a binary relationship between black and white, but I’ve been reading (too much) Fanon lately… ;)

true supermodel

Junk food is a lot cheaper and It goes you that full feeling after eating very small amounts.
I reason my black women are now overweight is because many of us(black women under 30) have no idea how to cook. That means that many of us find ourselves eating loads of fastfood instead of cooking healthy meals.


This comment is unrelated to your article,which i like by the way. Rather, I have a complaint with your blog's schedule. A brotha doesn't want to be mean, but you NEED TO UPDATE AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK! As a loyal reader(and I'm assuming the audience does too), I expect this. This business of letting 2-3 weeks, or even a month go by is discourteous to your readers.

Look, your articles don't have to provide profound insights all the time about life in Japan;for all I care, you could write about the toilet paper there, and I'd probably be satisfied.

Call this my ethics on blogging: when you start a blog,opening up chapters of your life to the world,the readers become very engrossed in what you have to say. Call it the human condition in wanting to project oneself(the reader) into your adventures;this happens when what you write about clicks with the audience. Ok, now the ethical part: unless you give prior notice about an extended absence from the blog, don't just disappear like it's all good, cause it isn't!

Just my 2 cents. Love the site redesign btw.


Just my 2 yen on a small portion of what this post covers; I think people regardless of race tend to like people that are of similar size to themselves. So me, since I'm pretty small (173cm/60kg but been trying to buff up a little for summer to no avail), I like the small petite type. Similarly, big guys probably like "thick" girls with some "junk in the trunk". Following that same train of thought big guys would probably think most girls in Japan are anorexic whereas I'd probably think they were just right. See? All is yin/yang-zen-balanced in the world (^_^)Ha!

BTW, dunno if I said this before but... Thanks for the blogroll add. (~_^)b

Price of Food & Genetics & Environment

Black females are bigger because most are born of poverty and partially to genetics. First off, most aren't taught healthy exercise when they are younger because you do the bare minimum if no PE in schools that are in urban areas. Not only that, but there's not much to do in urban areas as whites flee at the site of one black and the economic system in that area collapses with a few blacks living in it.
Secondly, black females have genetics that causes more padding in the thighs, hips and ass area than any other race. Not all the time is it all fat, but black females have more muscle mass than any other race of female on the planet. Genetically made up to survive in the area they originated.
Third, most black females growing up poor really don't have a choice of healthier foods if they are poor. While vegetables, fruits and dairy is more costly than junk food and have a shorter life shelf, black females usually chose boxed, canned and bagged foods that didn't perish as quickly. These foods that are pre-packaged ard foods that are usually highly processed with extra salts, cornsyrup, high fructose, lots of cornstarch and tons of fat. And while in the urban area there was little to do and more depressing, food is used for comfort and hunger. Not to mention the choice of foods bought to survive packed on the pounds on black females.
Now with a skinny female of any race, in comparison to black females, you'll find that even the skinniest black female in comparison to a white female is usually thicker and there's nothing she can do about it short of starving herself to death. While my mom stood 5'5 and 145lbs, to whites and other races, she may have been considered fat based on numbers. But, when any person from any race looked at her, they thought she was boarding into crossing over into starvation. My mother had a larger bone density than most women of other races. Not to mention, more muscle mass than most women of other races. This pretty much applies to a lot of black females. However, it is sad that most black females are past healthy and morbidly obese from this vicious cycle.

Erica Lamb

I must say your last friend comment is totally on the mark. When I left the ghetto of chicago and moved to the south, I was big for my age at thirteen. Staying downsouth with my dad I continued to gain weight, I was constantly shifted from one family member to another. I found that once I went to college, my weight dropped, when I moved by myself my weight dropped even more. I was at a size 12/14 when I came back to ghetto chicago to watch over my mom and grandmother, I am now at a 22/24. My mother told me that I looked anorexic at a 12/14. The food's she has always recieved has been from stamps, the food that she buys, on her own are unhealthy, and yes chicago food is great so I eat out a little more than I did down south. The corner store is always is commercial walking distance. Basically, yes one must move to get the weight off, one must pay attention to the serving size on the label. But if you are not active as so many kids in the black community are not especially the young ladies, your body naturally stores it. In the ghetto area's little girls are told to stay in the house, boy's are told to run the street. That's because most of our little girls don't really have that choice to stay virgins, we teach our men to poke everything walking. In Africa before slavery and even know our people where hunter's and gatherer's we naturally worked. The exercise craze is a western culture thing where it was to cold out to go out and catch what was needed daily, they saught to make that easier. In america before columbus's rediscovery our native american's would migrate with the seasons... Until you look beyond the bible, Radio, and the television You know beyond the fictional that this world is being brainwashed with then you do not see. It's easier to point the finger and say that's wrong. If you look in africa, jamaica, austrailia and see the black people there you see the answer as clear as day. American's are fat, not black people. Some people have the money to get it sucked out, sewed up, etc. With most countries the plus sized women you know are well off. They are the queen bee's. There are many factor's. But most blacks don't read good solid fiction like the new Midnight Book By Sistah Soljah which kind of breaks things down, or our own psychologist like Dr. Francis Cress Welsing with Her Isis papers. We are so brainwashed we only know how to decode what the media tells us to. Anyway Great Blog. I've dated white men, and none of them had a problem with my nappy fro, or wide hips, and me I ask, why? I've heard it doesn't look well on white women, or I like your hair bald, I like it short and nappy... I've had all kind of confessions. Every woman I know that was pro-black ended up with a white man in my college circle. I even had a mixed friend that was a dominatrix/ lesbian. All she dated was the black men, then the white men, finally she found a south african caucasion, who she didn't want his children now she's been blessed with babies 3 times. Because no matter how thin she get's, how straight her hair is, how much money her white lawyer father shoves at her, she hate's both sides of her, and everything within, the only way to express that is by picking at another that has other things she doesn't like to draw it away from herself. My point is most people are doing exactly what the system has trained them to do.


Erica, I think you are VERY MUCH on the spot. As I read this post and these articles, I got more and more disturbed. As much as so many people want to deny it, black women ARE built genetically different. In addition, to that, PEOPLE are built different. It’s not just about having a phat ass. Musle mass, bone density, etc are also very much related to how much a person weighs and how big they are. And unless you take a person to a doctor and they are tested out thoroughly, you can’t really look at every person you see that you think looks heavy, and call them obese. But I totally agree that obesity isn't a problem for black women, it's a problem for Americans. Most food today is made cheaply and offers hardly any kind of nutrients. Those sugar-filled snacks and cereals that we're all fond of aren't made to make you healthy. Instead, they’re made to give you a sugar-filled jolt to get you through the day. It’s been like that for a very long time. Not only for black people, but for white people especially. For much of early, poor English life, sugar was a staple in many meals because it gave them the cheap energy they needed to keep working (Sweetness and Power, Mintz). It’s the same today. Sugar is a cheap source of energy and is widely available for those who can’t afford any better. It’s all very easy to condemn people for their poor dietary choices, but look what’s out there. In addition, not everybody knows what is actually good for them (whether they be black, white, Hispanic, w/e). In this time of fast foods, when people really find that they have no time and, most importantly, no money for some, how can you expect it to be easy for them to pop into Whole foods, and make a nutritious meal for themselves? Yes, food is important, and it is important to take care of yourself, but when you have limited resources (like food stamps) buying fresh fruit and the like will use up those resources too quickly for them to actually mean anything. Unfortunately, for many people, the only way they can buy the most AMOUNT of food is to buy the cheaper food. And when it comes to exercise, what do you expect inner-city kids to do? Sometimes they just don’t have a place to go. These habits start when we are kids and are ingrained in us. It’s no wonder America is so overweight, when Pokemon and the like came out at burger king you HAD to eat there. Of course it’s a parent’s decision to take their kid there, but once they have they have unknowingly contributed to a bad habit that can follow a child into adulthood. With all these factors, the reason it’s so okay for black women to be big and proud of it might just be because it’s what they are used to. All these factors have contributed to their mamas and grandmamas being big, so it’s okay for them, too. We all know it’s not healthy, but society as a whole has to change for things to get better. And singling out black women isn’t going to help that.


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