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June 23, 2006



I really wanted to go here this year but cuz a diva is brizoke..it's just a dream..maybe next year.


So weird that you mention that sista, I'm going there this year starting Sept in their 10 month program. I was lucky enough to get a scholarship to cover tuition.

Really random that you posted about this! Small world.

R. Mullen

Glad to see you're doing to so well!

I attended the Nanzan program in 1984 and LOVED it.

Japanese is a fantastic language,--learning it well will change your life, because you learn to think differently. It takes discipline and hard work, but pays off very quickly.

To cope with real life in Japan, try to study the basics before you go. The instruction here in the States is SOOO much more advanced (and widespread) than when I started in 1982, so try to find a local place to learn.

There are also many Japanese movies in the chain video rental and anime shops. Some of Japanese anime is very funny and a good introduction to the other-than-salaryman culture. Lots of stuff online as well, podcasts, etc.

You'll get a lot more out of total immersion, if you get out of the classroom, but don't forget to study. Try to read and write, not just speak.

Thanks for the blog, I will visit as often as I can! Also, drop me a

Peggy B.

Wonderful blog, sista! I will keep checking you out. It's a nice feeling to see and know that other black women are checking out life and adventure outside the US. I just moved to another country myself! But the language barrier isn't quite as difficult. Still, regional Scottish dialects and Gaelic still confounds me.


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