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May 01, 2006



Hi. I was very surprised to see the pictures you uploaded. I am so sad that no one at Tokyo Metro questioned the offensiveness of those pictures. I would like to let my friends know the pictures, but is it ok to copy&paste them? Do you know the head of Tokyo Metropolitan government, Mr.Ishihara, is a well-known racist (but more than half of Tokyo residents support him)? Anyway, these pictures are really shocking to me.


Hi Masahiro-- Thanks for linking to me and discussing my entries on your blog.

In reference to the photos, of course you are more than welcome to e-mail and distribute.

--Sista in Tokyo


Thanks. I will send the pictures to my Japanese friends and ask them to distribute.


HAHAHAHAHA!!! Those illustrations are sooo on point. You know us niggas, spreading rumors... "aaaawww lawdy, dere be iz er'kwake commin'"

Climbing through car windows...

And my personal favorite, cook outs. The japanese really know whats good.


Wow the guy looks like the one who couldnt speak properly in Fat Albert (what was his name again) these images are so dated. Its funny im lookin at this AFTER u showed me about the adidas image dispute. just makes u think.

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