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April 04, 2006



Hey Kara....

I'm definitely feeling the site.....Live your life in COLOR! All day...hey gotta let you know the haps...not going to Africa but got a major fellowship...will be living in the A for the next couple of months till it alll pops off...miss you and your spirit...checking the website to stay abreast...peep mine...soon to up and running...internationalsoutherngirl.blogs.com




This is nice. It's much easier to read on any browser. Love the logo.


I love the new look! Keep doing your thing. Your prose and your attitude is outstanding.

BTW, I added your blog to Black Tokyo Live, the new Podcast/Blog on things in Japan from a Black perspective. I hope that you find the time to contribute via a podcast interview.




This is great! i click on my bookmark link and its all changed. v beautiful. I esp like the image in the top left of the woman with the afro. Great job, i look forward to reading your next post.


what's up? i like the new site. the banner is great. i wish i could visit. if can find cheap deal i will. what are you doing next week? maybe we can meet up i am off 21-30. let me go read the other post now


many thanks for the new look and entries! ok, a little late in posting reply, but i love what you've done with the place ~_^

hope all is well and that your research is keeping you good n' busy ^_^. tohoku is heading into its most beautiful season, imho. if ya got the time, try to get to any or all of the dewasanzen (gassan, yudonosan, hagurosan...hope i romanjied those right). peace!

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