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February 01, 2006



sweetie... it's ever since NOT every since

Sista in Tokyo

:) thanks for the correction... I actually know this, however, seem to always overlook it during my editing..



You really should be a "sista in Senegal" someday. I was back in 2001. The country is as beautiful as the people.


Elle, Thanks for the encouragement :). I am definitely planning on it!



Yo Hold it down where ever you go! people always got something cute to say but seldom few step up to the plate! Hold it down in the rising sun and maybe one day in passing we can share some notes...


I don't agree with u Takara, because I hear you saying one day that before to be out of america you thought that an african and an african american are same. The only difference you said, is that they are in differente country. Then when u came to japan and meet some africans u realise that we are different. I agree with the question "why not africa?". I think before to study other culture you should study your origins, I mean african culture and try to understand why you couldn't comminucate with africans in japan.
Excuse me for my bad english, I hope you understand what I wanted to say.

Sista in Tokyo

What exactly don't you agree with? My idea that more African-Americans should visit other countries? Or my idea that visiting another country first before a country in Africa is ok?

I do recall having a conversation with you in which I told you that it is often difficult for me to communicate with african men here in Sendai- you being one of them. And I totally agree with you that people should try to learn their history and understand where they come from. Simply being in Japan actually encourages me to want to go to Africa more.

However, the point of my post was to shine light on those who are black and who feel that blacks going to countries outside of Africa first, are wrong for doing so. I don't agree with that.

kristen fujin

Oh my gosh, finally I found something on an African-Americans' experience in Japan. My mother is African-American and my father is half Chinese-half Cambodian, and I've always been interested with my "Asian side" and Japan just seems like a wonderful place to go study abroad. I'm a high school Junior and have started to look into colleges. I just need some guidance on how to study in Japan, for example "How did you get accepted into the college you attend now in Japan?" Any advice/feedback would be nice. I understand that your a student in college and more than likely your very busy, but whenever you can I would like to hear something from you.

([email protected])


Takara, I totally agree with you about Africa being more like a final destination. It's the same way with me too. I've been aching to get out of the U.S. and had started searching for a non white, economically stable, and technologically advanced country to migrate to. I fell in love the Japanese language so I've decided to go live in Japan for educational reasons and also travel in South Korea for musical interests. Then after I've done all I need to do in Asia I'll go to Africa. Most likely Ghana. I think it's good for African-Americans to want to go to Africa but it doesn't have to be a straight course from the U.S. to an African country. It's okay to have pit stops in between. We need to go out and see the world and let the world see the real us which is most often contrary to what gets exported from the U.S. media. I also feel like I can't go to Africa and not have something to offer. I'm only 19 and need to develop skills and trades. I don't want to go to college in the U.S. cuz as I said I'm aching to get out so I think going to Japan will be a good experience for me.

By the way I'm lovin' your blog. Thanks for keepin us informed on your black experience in Japan. Looking forward to reading more.



Hi! I love your blog. I'm African-American, and I love studying world cultures and world religion; my favorite culture besides African is Japanese. I'm re-learning hiragana, katakana, and kanji so that I can read Japanese better than I'm doing so. I even had a friend in Japan mail me some manga books as well. I'm finally glad to see another sista blog about her experiences in Japanese society since we don't have too many of them out there doing so. Keep up the good work.


Hi! there , first I have to say I love your blog!.It's nive to find some other black woman has interess in an asian country. I'm from Angola , but I've been living in Portugal since I was a "baby", and (maybe for that reson ) I'm very open to the idea of travelling and discover diferent countries and cultures. I've always been fascinated by asian design and architecture... but more recently I had the oportunity to be more in contact with Japonese and Korean culture, and I love it , I found it really rich !... And so I was very happy to find out, that you also had this interest and also that you had the courage to take the next step and actually visit and stay in the country !Bravo !!! really something ! Well now I'll keep visiting your blog and also enjoy your experiece in Japan!! Matare!! ^_^


You remind me of myself. I'm African-Caribbean woman born in Zimbabwe living in Canada with an affinity for cultures & travel. I've been to Egypt, Israel & Palestine & I've been accused for wanting to be arab and of not travelling to "black" Africa. I love my home, Africa, & recognize the importance of self-awareness through understanding ur roots but one should not limit themselves to their place of origin. The world in its vastness should be explored by all. Keep up the blog!

Megan Coates

Hi there!
I am an 24 year old year old African American woman traveling solo to Japan in a couple of weeks. I have done a ton of research and met a wide variety of people in Japan but have not yet met another African American. It is not my sole intent to find other African Americans once I get out there but I felt it was one piece of a puzzle which might be missing.
I came across your blog on the web and thought I would reach out in hopes that you could offer some helpful suggestions on traveling in Japan and maybe share some of your favorite places.


Hi Takara, i recently stumbled across your site and i must say it is truly an inspiration for young women who want to experience something different than the beaten path.I am currently going into my last year of school but I've always wanted to work in a foreign country at least for a period of time preferably Japan. After university i would love to go to law school take the bar and so on. but do you see much opportunity for foreign lawyers in Japan?

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