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January 17, 2006



Ugh, those Asian Student Leaders. Problem with those dudes is often times they get to be where they are because no else wants the job. So you tend to get people who are either really egocentric; looking to flesh out resumes; or only tend to be inbred by hanging only within their own ethnicity.

This kinda reflects in that they don't have a large following even for a small population. It's rather like the LDP gov't of Japan. They keep winning but most people in Japan don't like them. However, with some strategic bribing to rural communities and voter apathy elsewhere-they end up "repping" everyone.

Craig D

Hello Takara,

Interesting topic. I encourage anyone that is interested in learning other cultures to get a passport too. People of color that are born and raised in the US tend not to be interested in traveling aboard. So many US residents never travel aboard. Because of this lack of exposure, alot of people will be left behind as the world develops into a global system. By the way, GP celebrated her 75th birthday at the Cheesecake Factory this past weekend. Keep up the good work.



Hello, first I would like to say nice blog. I've been searching around for more African-American blogs to read and I came across yours. I'm definitely going to be keeping up with this. The last thing that I wanted to say was that you may want to check to permissions on your blog feed. I clicked on it to add you to my feed reader, but it appeared in my Firefox browser as if the execute permissions hadn't been set on it. What I suggest is logging into your blogs server, navigate to your .rdf feed file on try right clicking on it. A box should pop up about gathering info on the file. If you click that it should take you to a box where you can check the permissions that are enabled for the file. User should be Read, Write, Execute; Group and Others should be Read and Execute. If you can't find anything on your server for allowing you to set the permissions of files, check with the administrator of your server and inquire.

Other than that, like I said, great blog. I'm definitely adding you to my bookmarks!



Were there any dating options in Japan for African-American women...with Japanese men or other races and cultures?


The last I heard you were giving up this blog and doing the podcast thing. I got turned on that you were back writing.

Good post, how true the best way to learn about a culture is to get involved in it. Not to just listen to the heresay.

As far as school (from another post) education is something that should never stop. My mother who is 80 is still taking classes.

The mind needs to be worked it is another muscle and like all muscles need to be excerised ( yet another post )

Anyway, I'll be checking in from time to time now that U R back.


Zen (aka Shaolin from BT)

samuel  welsh

were are all Gods kids , lets be family.

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