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September 23, 2010



hmm I think I am a week further along than you. But you said you were due late November. hmm


owwwweeee, sorry to hear about your toothache...hope you can power thru!

have you tried this cupcake place at meidaimae station (inokashira line)? it's a small little shop, right next to the train tracks...they make fresh cupcakes each day. (i can't remember the name of it just now though (>_<) ) maybe try googling in nihongo "cupcakes, meidaimae"? they were quite good.

Tokyo Mama!

@KJ I am intentionally vague about my due date.. because should the baby go past it, I won't have everyone freaking me out about when the baby will get here :). She has a window of arrival (late november, early december)

V!!! Thanks!! I'm totally looking it up and taking a trip. They better be good!

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