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July 14, 2009



you know what t dot this is all good. i have been thinking about this a lot lately. i would be perfectly content feeding the goats tending the farm with my baby strapped to my back. right now that's not an option for me so i'm doing what else i can do. career minded. i have been thinking that our society's values are changing so much. what is wrong with being a house wife, getting married, and having kids. not saying this is the only role for a woman. i will say things were a lot better for families back when this was the typical goal of a woman and man. i hope you have lots of babies and lots of love.


I hope you get that baby. My sister is going to have a baby next week. She will have 4. I hope your love lasts forever.


It's like having a baby is trendy now! Whatever it is I felt the bug too. My lil one is now 3 months old. I can't believe he's mine.


wish you the best safest and the most pleasent little bundle of joy ENJOY MYSISTER ARE THERE ANY JAPANES MEN?DO THEY LIKE BLACK WOMEN?IM LOOKING FOR ONE haha pls let me know

take care


sister i cant believe it my name is kes haha you look beutiful your wedding photos are lovelly i love japan i really would like to spend some time there IM SO IN LOVE WITH ASIAN PEOPLE I PRAY EVERYDAY FOR GOD TO GIVE ME A SECOND CHANCE WITH AN ASIAN LOVE
i like what you said that you had an MBA in mind but the one above us all had a totaly diferent plan stay blessed


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