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July 05, 2007


Romulus Burnett

The happiest time of my life was when I was around 5 years old. I lived in the kind of neighborhood like in the movie 'Inkwell' with Laurenz Tate. I'm old enough that back in my day they still had milk men. A brother would drop off two glass bottles of orange juice, eggs, and some milk in a wire basket once a week.

Everybody was black. The guy at the corner store was black, everybody at the grocery store was black, everybody at the post office was black - hell, the only place I did see any white people was at the bank.

I was the youngest in the family, so everybody took care of me. Everybody in the neighborhood always loved to pinch my cheeks because I was so cute. We got along with everyone in the neighborhood and everyone got along with us. I always got every toy I ever wanted for Christmas without even asking. Well, actually, I used to rip out pictures of toys from the Sears catalog and place them all over the Christmas tree. See, I was smart even when I was a little bitty kid. Those were picture perfect years.


You know what I think is interesting is that since I've moved to Japan, most of black people that I've met here aren't American. I'm not exactly sure if it's Swahili they're speaking but I sure haven't heard that language before in Hawaii. And supposedly Hawaii's a pretty ethnically diverse place.


:) cute lil cheeks huh?

@ rick-- yeah, you're right. A majority of the black population in Japan consists of Africans from Nigeria & Ghana primarily.

Andi G

Thanks for sharing!

The scene with the little girl on the sidewalk with the ponytails does it for me (although I think they should've put her on a ten-speed though!)



I'm black, married to Japanese from Tokyo.. and we're probably bringing our little half n half boy to Japan. I'm really looking forward to moving to Japan, for us.. and for our little boy.

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