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July 16, 2007



Recently there was the article about Japanese women getting bigger. That trend is definetly true as I walk around Tokyo. Seeing a bit more meat in certain spots is lovely to me. But if you go to any health club in Japan and there are tons in Tokyo, you will see Japanese women working out. Some like to keep this myth of naturally slim but those not adhering to mom's bento of fish and rice are gaining from frappachinos and beef and sweets. My co-workers have nice bodies and are in their 20's but upon close inspection they are flabby slim. It is easier to find a slimmy in Asia vs. the western world but they are packin the gyms and Billy's boot camp is EVERYWHERE. Don't let em fool you...they are working out and trying to keep it quiet. I talk to women EVERYDAY. The older slimmies are a fish/small portion eating type. The younger one's are struggling to keep weight off in this new diet style time.

Romulus Burnett

Why is ghoul always on the scene with this? I can just see him now trolling through the streets of Tokyo: "Damn she fat..damn she skinny...she aiight..damn she ugly...damn her grill is fucked up...."

I'd be afraid to bump into ghoul. He'd be walking around with his lower lip all turned up and his eyes bulging from peeping J-girls all day. I can just see myself running into ghoul in the subway. He turns around and says: "WhaCHU lookin' at, NUGGA?

Heh heh heh heh....

J-girls don't look too much different over here in the states. My ex from Chiba was thicker than the average J-girl. Damn - she had big ass legs like Beyonce and an ass like like one of those video vixens on BET. On the other hand her friend was about the same size as Lisa Lohan.

Boney J-girls look funny in American clothes, particularly, designer jeans. they look and walk like a chimpanzee in a diaper.

From what I've seen they don't work out too much here in the states but the ones that do hit the gym will burn a hole in a treadmill.


Yeah nugga! your right. With smaller bone sizes and being of lesser density than most women,east Asians can keep it off if they move a bit and eat decent. But come over here and you will see em gettin up in the drawer sizes.
Prob is they are not into hard bodies on women at all. they will burn a hole in a treadmill and still be flabby skinny. Weights they lift but like 1 ib. No resistance.
By the way Romy. Wheres the alley buff boy? You sexy nugga!

Afro Noir

With smaller bone sizes and being of lesser density than most women,east Asians can keep it off if they move a bit and eat decent.

The above quote says it all. The American diet is the devil. Unlimited amouts of meat, sweats and packed goodies(potato ips etc.) will wreak a body inside and out like no mans bussiness.


Well, this is a slight tangent since I'm not on the scene and can't really comment. I'm leaving for Tokyo for a year in less than 2 months. One of my biggest wonders is how difficult clothes shopping will be. Is a US size 4-6 (here it's a small) difficult to find or considered larger? (More related to the post what is the average size for japanese women?) Also, being 5' 9'' I'm expecting trousers to be hard to find as well. And I'm not even thinking about shoes ;) Any insight would be awesome ;)

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