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January 18, 2006



The article is interesting in terms of the tension that still exists between Japan, South Korea, and China. (Although, I wish that the author would have actually explained the history between those countries and what is going on between them now, like (1) China protesting Japan's history books for their lack of accountability of what they did in China or (2) South Korea and Japan fighting over territory.) However, a good resource to understand why characters look the way they do is to read books about manga/anime or to write to manga/anime magazines. I say this because I have read manga with Chinese characters and they looked exactly like the Japanese characters. Also, when I first started reading manga and watching anime, I was like “Huh? Why don’t they look Japanese?” And, reading those magazines and books were great in helping me understand why they looked the way that they did. (For example, the different hair colors is a way of differentiating characters, expressing a character’s personality, or just for fun.)

Reading you blog has given me the courage to try to learn Japanese. Do you have any hints about what books I should start with? Thanks.


Im glad u have written this article, because as a child i always wondered why they looked so caucasion. it did not make sense. I'm a bit upset about the whole 'hating the korean wave' movement.Japan has come so far. there is no need to regress. aiiyah. But Nick i think japanese for busy people is good. and the workbook wakatta! aswell. i use those in school and im doing very well. O yea takara you prob dont remember me but i posted on your sista in tokyo site a while ago and mentioned i was taking me japanese first level exam. I got an A+! one of them best in my year. I do not mean to gloat but i did work very hard for it. dont worry about Nihongo. it will get easier. trust me when you're fluent you'll probably look back in amazement to think there was a time when you found the language diffcult.

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