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September 22, 2003



hey girl,
looks like your livin it up. i hope you continue to enjoy yourself. i want to see a bigger picture. i would also like a souvenir. and don't forget my postcards. take care

Kay Cochran Moore

Hey you cutie!!! This is Kay from a LONNNNG time ago..from basketball camp :)...my momma gave me this website and I think it's wonderful! Keep it up and good luck with you in all you do



I'm a high school student back in the states and I'm taking Japanese. I'm a sophomore and there is usually a trip to Japan the summer before junior year. So it was a nice surprise to stumble upon this blog while looking for Jill Scott's music. Anyways, I no not a thing about Japan, in all honesty, and if you're there writing on a first grade level, they must not have a level for me, because I've only had one year of learning. :-)

One of my biggest questions that no one seemed to be able to answer was, "How is the Japanese experience for African-Americans?" My sensei, Miss Okabayashi, doesn't know, so I've been left dangling in the balance; all I can do is speculate.

So, good luck in Japan! I'm sure it's an experience you won't forget.

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