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September 12, 2003



Greetings Takara!

I am sooo happy to find this website! It definitely sounds like what I went through when I did a round-the-world backpacking trip. It is a whole new world!!! Peace & Much Strength to you and your journey!

I live in(and am from)DC and I attend Howard School of Law! (HU!!!!!:) I will be spending my Spring semester in Tokyo, Japan and would love to hear from some sistas who are there now or who are in DC now and have been there.

I am now trying to buy my plane ticket to go and I am bugging because it is almost $900!!! (Isn't there ANYTHING cheaper????) Also, I am trying figure out where to stay while I am there. How are the gaijin houses there? How can I find a host family on my own. That is what I really want to do!

Anyway, I hope to hear from some sistas about their expreience. Take care Takara and keep your head up!!!! You are growing by leaps and bounds every day that you are there.

Peace, Many Blessings, & Positive Vibes,
LaShanta Johnson

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