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September 16, 2003


SaMee B.

I got your website from Tiffany Imes, my fellow 2003-2004 Fulbright.As you know we are both in South Korea, but in differing cities. Everything you are describing is paralleling everything we been going thru over here. Girl,I feel like I've known you for years, the way you write, think everything! I have a blog on Xanga.com: AmarettoBeauty. Sometimes it can be soo hard to be Black in a racially homogenous society, espcially being a sista. All the comments you've received about your body, same here girl. Just be glad folsk haven't taken the liberty to start grabbin' at you hair (yes, it's happen to me many many times). I would love for us to keep in touch, I need as much love from my people as possible to help sustain me. Much love sista! p.s. Vivian Green is pretty hot

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